Thomas and Harvey were excited to find they had matching shoes today! We began learning about Neptune with Amanda today. We liked learning about the different moons that it has!

With Sony, we were learning about the plant cycle. We looked at our plants for inspiration and then looked at a written version of a plant cycle. Next, we then drew the cycle on our own!

Tima continued working on our shape recognition. We had a group time identifying distinguishing characteristics and then matched/drew shapes together.

During School Readiness in 59, we were practising how to print the letter B today! We also talked about words that start with B such as bat (James), bamboo (Joshua), brother (Samantha), boy (Mia), butterfly (Camille), book (Tom), bear (Billy), boat (Rasmus), button (Rueben), and book mark (Amariah).

During School Readiness in Crimson, Arturo was focusing on our numeracy skills again. We played games to increase our awareness of the written forms of the numbers.

Welcome to Samantha who had her first day in Crimson! It was lovely to watch you build relationships with your new teachers and peers today as well as explore the environment.

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