Happy Tuesday everybody! The Aqua children started this beautiful day yoga and a variety of self-select experiences. Over at the construction corner, our Aqua builders were busy checking if the blocks were suitable for their construction. Over at the playdough table, the children made pretend cakes and cookies with Nelson. Meanwhile, other children were also busy cooking up a storm at the home corner.

The Aqua children enjoyed their literacy group time today with Liza and Helena. The children described the weather and revised the days of the week. Lily brought an interesting item today to show us. She brought a mask from home to show everyone and from that, the children started a discussion about mask wearing as well as how it can minimise the spread of germs. Such experiences extend on children’s cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the children were invited to parachute play. Together with the educators, the children practised their listening and physical skills by shaking the parachute, played ‘ringo-ringo rosie’ as well as ball play with parachute. They also enjoyed playing ‘under under who is under’ with the parachute.

While some children were busy with parachute play, others were invited to make their own mask with Rosana as the result of Lily’s face mask. The children enjoyed drawing and practiced their cutting skills in this experience.

The children had such a busy day today!

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