We certainly challenged our gross motor skills today! It was so fun to run and jump off the balance beam. We were very proud of how high we can jump and showed our excellent risk taking skills as we judged how fast or slow we needed to run. We also continued learning about Neptune during Learning Centre.

We continued learning about a plant life cycle with Sony today. We were then invited to create our own plants and talked about different parts of a flower that we knew.

Gail began teaching us about the water cycle today. We learnt about how the sun, clouds, and rain work together to keep our plants alive and healthy! We loved the water tray that was set up so that we could take on the roll of being the Sun, a rain cloud, or a mountain that was being rained on!

During School Readiness, we continued working on extending our understanding of the phonetic sound of the letter B. We listened to the story “Mr. Bunny’s Chocolate Factory” and did a lovely job of listening for words that started with B.

During School Readiness with Arturo, we read a book that was full of numbers. We talked about all the ways we saw numeracy in the story and the numbers we recognised.

It was great to see Ms. Cheryl today as well!

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