We were learning about Pluto today. We looked through blue cellophane today in order to see what it would be like living on the chilly dwarf planet. Then we learnt about its large moon Charon and drew pictures of Pluto and Charon!

The obstacle course in 59 was a big hit! There was a lot of sliding down the beams onto the mat! We talked about different animals that move around as we took on those animals for dramatic play.

Soni and Tima continued working on our plant project. We looked at real life plants (that we will be putting into the garden soon) and used that as our inspiration for our paintings!

With Gail, we focused on the role and impact that the moon has on the ocean. We then make our own water and moon pictures.

We were excited to have science return this week. We make picketes again today but got to see how they cooked on the hot plate. It was a lot of fun to make our own toppings for our pickete.

In the afternoon, we had a great time playing the “Shoot Like a Shooting Star” gross motor game with Amanda. There was also a lot of fun happening as we played frozen statues!

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