Happy Thursday! We’ve had another sunny day in Emerald and the children have been very busy exploring together!

Of course we started our day with group time and yoga! What a fantastic combination!

Group time is a great way to engage the children in reading books, singing songs and conversation, followed by yoga – a lovely way to encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise and physical development!

Bonker’s Beat! The children gathered round to join in with our Bonker’s Beat music programme that promotes language, physical and cognitive development through playing musical instruments and singing songs! The children love to beat their homemade drums together!

We have some animals with very clean teeth and minty fresh breath! The children have been working on their teeth brushing skills by practicing on our animal toys! They used toothbrushes and ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam) to really scrub those teeth clean! Well done everyone 🙂

Today has been so much fun! The children have played with the trains, made cookies in the sand and enjoyed their garden areas outside in the sunshine!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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