It was a wet and rainy day today, so the children have spent lots of time inside exploring. In the morning Adeline and James arrived together, and after brekkie Adeline as always became the teacher and read a story to eager James. On the mat area Isaac had some fun with the train track. He transported the car around the track.

When Teacher Liza arrived to school, she started some dancing with Lily, Charlotte, Leonard, Celine and Isla. They have started some new songs and are really enjoying the moves to it. They follow direction from Liza and copy what she is doing.

While the children were dancing, some off them decided to start a band. Just look at Leonardo rocking with the guitar, he could be a rock star when he grows up the way he is controlling it.

Jake enjoyed some time with the connectors, and Georgia Hope had fun building a big tower.

At group time the children love singing the days of the week and it is so amazing to see many children’s cognitive skills as they show Donna their 7 fingers. We speak about the weather and what we would need for the rain and Adeline drew an umbrella for us. Well Done Adeline!!

The children also had the opportunity to sing a song of ‘’Old Mc Donald’’ while they showed the animals from the farm, they also made the sound of the animals.

With Liza the group- named the vehicles.

We then got busy in small groups, we had rice play, Emmeline and Beatrice are starting to show signs of forming a friendship. With Katrine the children made the monkey chains and used counting skills to count them, Lily counted to 11. Well Done.

With Liza for our new project they started to paint some boxes and will turn them into different vehicles.

Nelson’s group did some jumping jacks to warm up their bodies and then used their large muscles to jump form one spot to the next.

Some of the children enjoyed some time with Katrine as she shared some new books with them.

What a fun filled day at Aqua, even though it was a rainy day, the children were busy bees.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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