We did a Yoga based meditation with Amanda today. We listened to some music and followed along with different poses from a Yoga book. We did a great job as we moved into different positions.

Arturo invited us to create some masks and crowns. We traced an outline, cut it out, then decorated our them. This was a long process and we were very proud of our final products.

Sony and Tima continued on with their plant projects. The children completed some still life paintings as they looked at new plants today. Once they finished painting, they pointed out the different parts of their plant paintings.

Gail continued working on extending our understanding of the role that the sun and moon have in impacting our environment. We have really enjoyed learning about different parts of the water cycle and drawing it on the white board.

We also stayed busy with drawing, creating planet pictures, and building with a variety of mediums.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

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