Happy Monday everybody! During this cold and rainy day, the Aqua children started their day off with relaxing yoga with Alejandra. Together they stretched and performed some of their favourite poses. While some children were busy doing yoga, others explored various self-select activities. Alexia, Lily, Charlotte, Amelia, Levi, Hamish, Elaria and Elise were busy cooking and enjoyed tea at the table. Pretend play with peers provided opportunity for children to facilitate their cognitive, language and social skills. Meanwhile, boys like Henry, Evan and Charles enjoyed construction with wooden blocks.

Just before Learning centre time, the Aqua children enjoyed some of their favourite stories with Donna and Helena. With Helena, the children also sang songs with puppets and counted the number of animals they saw in the story ‘Cows in the kitchen.’

During learning centre today, vehicles were once again very popular with the Aqua explorers. They explored dump truck and front loader at the sandpit, while others built train track for their trains. With Alejandra and Rosana, the Aqua explorers expressed their creativity with different craft experiences. For instance, children practiced colour recognition with Alejandra’s collage experience. With Rosana, they extended on their cognitive skills by making kites. Inside with Donna, the Aqua explorers practiced their cognitive and language skills by counting the number of monkeys in Donna’s game. And on the dance floor, the children danced to music from ‘Bonker’s beat’ with Helena.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy day today!

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