During School Readiness with Arturo, we continued working on our number awareness. We cut out different numbers out of magazines and talked about the ones we knew. This was a great chance to see how numbers are everywhere! In 59, we were discussing the letter C and the words that start with the letter C.

Amanda invited us to make Pluto out of Playdough as well as its moon Charon. We liked showing Charon’s orbit as we moved our moons around our Plutos. Outside, we set up a ball game as we shot the tennis balls into the buckets. This was challenging as we had to find the right type of strength as we tossed the ball inside the buckets. Hazel had a very special News time today as she showed her new glasses!

Tima had a really fun activity using painting and letters. We used letters cut out to be our shapes and then put them onto the paper! We also enjoyed drawing and listening to stories with her.

Arturo invited us to a party at the castle! We loved acting out different roles as we danced and sang!

Sony talked about how flowers grow through the water cycle. We were then invited to make our own!

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