Amanda invited us to make solar systems out of paper plates today. We drew the sun in the middle and then Earth on a separate piece of paper. We attached our Earth to a paper clip and used a magnet to move it in its orbit around our Sun. Afterwards, we cut the plate into a swirl pattern and added the planets around it.

During School Readiness with Amanda, we worked on our counting and number printing skills. We had to identify the shapes that we were counting as well. We loved working on the large white board.

With Gail, we continued learning about the different roles the environment has. The water tray was very popular! We also loved making patterns out of gems at the sensory table.

We have expressed a strong interest in dinosaurs over the last few weeks. We were looking at dinosaur fossil pictures and matching the toy dinosaurs up with the picture.

Tima invited us to plant some of our beautiful flowers in the garden. We worked as a team to make sure everything had a proper home. We extended this interest in plants afterwards by drawing pictures of real plants on the table!

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