Tuesday is here and what a terrific Tuesday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed many activities throughout the day and had fun exploring the gardens!

We gathered for group time in the morning to read stories, sing songs and play games with our educators! Together we talked about the weather and what fun things we will be doing today 😊 The children love to sit down to participate in group times!

Today we did yoga! Everyone was so excited to collect the mats and take off their shoes and socks ready to get started! We began by warming up our bodies with gross motor movements and then practiced our tree poses! What fun 😊

Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?

Last week we made brown bear, so today we made purple cats! The children had fun using their fine motor skills to paint their cats purple and we sang the song together as well!!

The children have had a lovely day drawing on cardboard with chalk and crayons, playing with the trains and in the sand pit!

Today we celebrated Zoe’s 2nd Birthday! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! We enjoyed delicious cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday together 😊

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