Arturo continued on with our castle theme and a tea party set up. We also made shields to become knights!

We continued making our own Earths and rotating them around the Sun. We also had a great time challenging our leg muscles today. We did jumping onto the bag and had to try to land on our feet!

During School Readiness in 59, we liked doing some basic addition. We added different items that we “brought to the party” together. We practised our counting as well as printing skills. Afterwards, we switched back our focus to the phonetic sounds of A,B, and C and listened for words that started with these corresponding sounds in the book “Ori’s Stars.”

Tima invited us to extend our understanding of planting as we “planted in the sandpit” today. We made a lot of “planter boxes” out of the waffle blocks and then planted our yellow flowers in them!

Gail continued to teach us about the environment and specifically the way the tide works. We made pictures of this to extend our understanding.


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