Happy Wednesday! Today the children have had a lovely day playing together and participating in lots of activities with their educators!

We love group time! Everyone enjoyed reading books with MeiTing, singing songs with Ekta and everyone loves Jasmine’s group time with her special toys! Group time is a great way to encourage conversation and language!

Yoga!! Our favourite way to exercise and keep healthy! Together we stretch our bodies and work on our gross motor movements to improve coordination and balance. Today the children practiced their downward dog and piggy poses! We like to be little pigs laying in the muddy puddles!

Continuing with our transportation project, the children had a great time painting planes! The children always point at the sky when they can hear a plane flying overhead and they were excited to paint their own using paintbrushes and blue paint!

Last week was Dental Health week and the children have learnt so much about teeth! Today we brushed the animal’s teeth with toothbrushes and ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam)! This was a very fun activity that helped the children’s understanding of brushing teeth to keep them healthy and clean!

Today has been a wonderful Wednesday! We’ve built tall towers, kicked a ball around and played musical instruments 😊

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