Sony continued extending our understanding of the water cycle today. We did a wonderful craft that we had different stages of the water cycle into different sections of our paper! We showed such lovely focus as we completed each part of the activity.

Amanda talked to us about rovers and satellites after Harvey and Rasmus both asked about them yesterday. We were then invited to draw one! We also had fun playing in the cubby house set up in 59’s yard and was very creative with the Playdough.

During School Readiness, we focused on the letter D today! We liked writing on the white board and coming up with different words and “Drawings” that start with the letter D. We had dog (Matilda), dinosaur (Clementine), diamond (Samantha), dump truck (Oliver), duck (Silvan), doctor (Mia S), doll (Mia E), dingo (Harvey), dark (Zoe), dumpling (Rasmus), down (Eliza), dodge (Mimi), and dig (Isidora).

Tima and Shoko continued working on learning about flowers. We made some flower paintings and then mailed them into Shoko’s magical mail box!

Arturo continued to work on our castle theme as we made a catapult and used it to keep our castle safe. We also continued making shields for our brave knights!

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