Today, we were talking about healthy food with Amanda. We learnt about how different food help our bodies based on its colour like red food is good for our hearts, blue food is good for our brains, yellow food is good for helping with cuts, etc. We then drew our favourite fruits and said how it helps our body.

During Learning Centre today, we did some basic subtraction. We drew items, counted them, then would erase some and would count the remaining items. We pretended we were eating food at a party!

Tima invited us to draw important people in our lives and in society. We used the people cut outs and drew faces and clothes on it. This was a great way to talk about people who are doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. We also did painting with letters of our names!

Arturo invited us to make more shields and have another party in the castle! He also had a special visitor come land on his head! It was a rainbow lorikeet!

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