Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of another busy week in the Emerald room and the children have had a fantastic day!

Group time! We love to participate in group time. It’s a perfect time for children to practice their listening skills and improve understanding, speech and language.

Yoga! Today the children enjoyed their yoga session with Robyn and really got stuck into all the movements that we practice daily. This morning the children wanted to choose which animal poses to do – we had dog, pig, snake and so many more!

Nee-Nawww, nee-naww! Today the children painted red fire engines as part of their transportation project! We’ve been looking at different ways of getting around and different vehicles 😊 Great job!

It was looking a bit rainy this afternoon … so we painted our own umbrellas! Not sure how well they’ll do in the rain, but we had fun painting them!

What a fabulous Friday we’ve had! Everyone has had such a great time working on their fine motor skills with activities that involve posting straws through holes! We’ve played with the mobile phones and cameras and enjoyed eating our ‘dinner’ in the home corner!

See you next week 😊

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