Happy Monday! We hope you had a lovely weekend and are excited to start a new week with us in the Emerald room.

This week is Science Week and we have lots of fun learning experiences planned!

Today the children started off their day with group time! Our favourite way to practice our listening skills by reading lots of books together 😊 It’s also a perfect time to chat about our weekends, discuss the weather and talk about the day ahead of us!

This morning yoga was so much fun! The children did a great job participating, listening, and showing off their yoga moves! We worked on our big tree pose today and had lots of fun exercising our gross motor skills.

This week is Science Week and for us this week is about encouraging the children’s curiosity!

Today we played with slime! Corn flour and water mixed together … is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Who knows … but it’s fun to play with!

We’ve had so much fun playing outside today! The children have painted egg cartons, played with the keyboards and did Bonker’s Beat with Jasmine and our water bottle shakers!

Thanks for a fun day! See you tomorrow 😊

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