With Sony, we enjoyed learning about a butterfly’s life cycle. We looked at pictures of the different stages that it goes through including eggs, caterpillar, a cocoon, and then a butterfly. Then, we created a paper plate craft that showed each stage of life.

Arturo invited us to make some crafts with using recycled paper. We loved using the coloured strips of paper to glue it onto our white papers to make new crafts. It was funny as we described our creations.

We also enjoyed the warm weather and did some yoga outside! We showed off our flexibility as we moved through the different poses. During Meditation, we listened to the Bonkers Beat meditation CD and used our imaginations as we listened along.

Tima had us practising printing our names in smaller writing and on actual lines. It was lovely to see how hard we were trying to practise our names as some of us prepare to go to big school!

We also enjoyed playing in the sandpit, in the yard, and engaging at the office.

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