The aliens were so popular yesterday that we had several children ask to do another an alien. It was great to see such diversity amongst our aliens as they all looked so unique. We also talked to Amanda about what planets our alien was from.

We had a great time in 59’s yard. We used the balance beam to make a slide and found some fun ways to slide down.

Today, we learnt about the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. We then made a statue of Ganesha to elaborate on Ibhan’s family input.

We did some drawings of flowers with Arturo. We looked at our plants in the yard and drew what we were seeing.

During School Readiness, we worked on our matching skills. These are basic maths skills that we are working on.

With Tima, we were continuing to work on our names printing skills. We also were excited to do some building with Tom in the sandpit.

Happy 4th birthday Teos! Thank you for bringing a cake to share!


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