Wednesday is here! We are halfway through the week and having the best time!

Today the children enjoyed sitting down with their educators to participate in group time! We love to read books together, looking at the illustrations and talking about what we see. It’s always a great way to encourage language!

This morning during yoga, the children couldn’t wait to show off their yoga poses! We got our bodies warmed up with big gross motor movements, like jumping and stretching up high. Our favourite animal pose today was a snake – we lay down on our stomachs and make a hissing noise!

We have a lovely book about space, planets and rocket ships in Emerald that we love to read together! For Science Week, today we painted rocket ships!! The children used some fun aluminium bubble wrap as their rocket ships and painted them blue! What fun 😊

Green frog, green frog, what do you see?

I see children using tinfoil to paint me! What a fun and sensory way to paint!

Today the children talked about helicopters! They looked at a big toy helicopter together and then painted their own helicopters! This is part of our transportation project and a great way to encourage language!

We also painted science beakers!!

What a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had playing football in the garden, solving puzzles and dancing our socks off! 😊

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