We were sure to take care of our special flowers with Tima. We took turns watering the flowers around the yard and the seeds we planted with Justin and Shane.

Building off what we have learnt about seeds, we searched for seeds in apples and oranges. We talked about the fruit life cycle with Arturo and drew pictures of it.

We also had a great time in the sandpit today. We did a lot of building and being creative in our play.

Gail continued to teach us about how the environment works around us as well as inviting us to create crafts to reflect what we have learnt in the stories.

Sony has continued to teach us about the celebration of Ganesha. Come check out our display in the room!

During School Readiness, we worked on printing numbers on the white board. We enjoy showing our awareness of adding as we counted different shapes on the board.

Today is Dhwani’s last day! We will certainly miss you and hope you come back for a visit!

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