Happy Friday everyone! We’ve come to the end of another week and we’ve had a great time!

It’s no secret that we start off our day with group time and yoga … so why should today be any different!?

We love group time because it encourages speech, language and social interaction! And we love yoga just as much because it promotes physical development, balance and coordination!

We thought we’ve finish Science Week off on a strong note – by baking cookies … because … Chemistry!?

Not only is baking extremely fun and delicious … it promotes fine motor skills and early mathematics, as well as encouraging the children to be hands on and to experiment with touch.

This Science week has been all about encouraging the children to be curious and inquisitive and the children have done just that! Well done everyone 😊

We got artsy at the easel with some painting, built towers and answered the phones! What a busy day!

The children got to enjoy our cookies today at afternoon tea, where we celebrated Dhyan’s last day! The cookies are hippo shaped because Dhyan loves hippos!

We are so sad to see you go but have enjoyed every moment with you! Thank you for filling our days with love, cuddles and laughter 😊

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