Happy Monday everyone! On this beautiful day, the Aqua children started their day off with relaxing yoga. They practiced their physical skills by performing their favourite poses. Meanwhile, some other children were busy building structures with Legos, in fact, Lego was popular today with the children. They built houses, towers as well as zoos, such experience provided opportunities for children to develop their cognitive, language as well as social skills. Outside at the sandpit, the children explored volume with trucks, they enjoyed filling up the dump truck with sand and unloading it. They also love burying the truck inside the sandpit. At the dinosaur table, children were busy feeding their dinosaurs as well as stomping their dinosaurs around the table, such experience provided opportunities for children to facilitate their cognitive, language and social skills.

Just before learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to literacy group time with Nelson and Helena. With Nelson, the children revisited the days of the week, and the weather. They also read some of their favourite stories. With Helena, the explorers sang some of their favourite songs such as ‘Never smile at a crocodile’ and listened to ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ on CD. After that, we visited the letter of the week which is ‘s’ for STICKERS!! Henry brought stickers to show  and he was kind to share some stickers with peers, thank you Henry!

During learning centre time, the children requested to do puzzles inside with Rosanna. They trial and error with the different pieces of puzzles when putting it back together. With Alejandra, the Aqua explorers were introduced to printed numbers. They enjoyed counting with Alejandra and were invited to trace numbers with different colour textas. With Helena, the children practice their cognitive and language skill through Bonker’s beat. Together, they sang whilst playing the Bonker’s drum, in this experience the children practiced tapping the drum to the beat of the music. Outside, the children revisited colour mixing by painting rainbow with different colour food dyes. With Nelson, the children practiced their lower body strength and co-ordination through kicking, running, and scoring goals with ball.

After lunch, the children also had relaxing meditation with Alejandra. The Aqua explorers had so much fun today!



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