Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a lot of dancing and moving around in the morning today! Amanda lead us in some dancing in building corner and warm up exercises outside. Ms. Cheryl was also filled with dancing today in the afternoon!

We continued working on our Winter theme today. Tima invited us to make our own mittens or gloves. We also practised writing those words.

In 59, we were excited to start our learning about art. We read the book “The Dot” today that talked about how a little girl became an artist. This inspired us to draw our own pictures today that we frame to hang in our room. We were really excited to sign our names with a permanent marker on our work like we had seen in the book.

With Gail, we were excited to learn about sea life, specifically turtles. We made our own turtles as well as enjoyed a sensory tray with them.

Daffodil Day is on Friday. We began learning about that today. We started making some daffodil crafts to extend on our group discussion with Sony.

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