We did some lovely yoga this morning! We showed that we remembered so many of the poses!

With Gail, we continued learning about the tide and things related to the ocean. It was beautiful to see the creations we were making as we translated what we had learnt at group time to what we made.

With Arturo, we continued making lovely crowns and shields with Arturo. It was wonderful to see our friends be creative. We also did some gardening, enjoyed tent, and pushed one of the dolls on the swing.

We loved working on our Daddy and me pictures with Tima and our display.

We started learning about Henri Rousseau. We focused on his painting called “The Monkeys.” We used the leaves and other nature items that we had collected on Monday or from around the Crimson yard in order to recreate our own version of the painting we looked at! Each picture was truly unique.

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