Thursday is here! The weather has been wonderful again and we’ve spent the day enjoying outdoors!

The children had a lovely time during group time, where they read books like ‘Spot goes to the farm’ and sang ‘Brown Bear’ and talked about all the different animals and colours they could see! The children have really enjoyed their Brown Bear project!

We love yoga! Today we practiced reaching up to the stars and then bending down to touch our toes. Yoga is always a great way to start our day and is fantastic for physical development, balance and coordination.

The children had so much fun working on physical development with Ekta today! We practiced our jumping feet by jumping along the footprints on the floor and we worked on gross motor skills by throwing balls into the cones!

The children used their fine motor skills to practice their drawing and decorated twinkling stars! Today we enjoyed playing in the sand and in the home corner!

See you tomorrow!

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