Today, we celebrated Daffodil Day! We made daffodils with cupcake tins and drew the stem and petals with Tima.

We also did some special planting today for our Father’s Day gift! It’s been wonderful to be able to share our love of gardening and make something so special for Father’s Day.

We continued to work on framing our art for the wall. We have shown so much love and care for our drawings.

We also were working on our sequencing skills with Arturo. We made step by step pictures of the life cycle of our seeds growing into plants.

Tennis was a lot of fun as well! We are loving all the sunshine and beautiful weather. We are excited to have Spring start next week!

We have been loving taking care of Gail’s special sea creatures! Today, we had some special visitors, the penguins at the sensory table.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week!

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