Happy Friday Everyone!

We’ve had a fabulous day in the Emerald room –  a wonderful way to end the week 😊

The children enjoyed their group times this morning. They sat with their educators and read lots of stories, sang songs and played games! The perfect way to sit and focus on listening skills and encourage language!

Ekta ran the yoga this morning! What fun 😊 The children had a great time being snappy crocodiles on their bellies and working on gross motor development!

Another way we worked on our gross motor skills today – we posted the coloured balls into the tubes, reaching up and watching them pop out the other end!

The children had a fantastic time enjoying the weather outside! We played with animals on the farm, made beautiful music with the instruments and enjoyed eating in the home corner!

Today we celebrated Iris’ Birthday! Her birthday is this weekend, so we didn’t want to miss out. We sang Happy Birthday together and watched her blow out her candles! We hope you enjoy celebrating this weekend 😊

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