Welcome Spring!! We enjoyed the sun that it brought. All the children are exploring inside and outside today and enjoying time with peers and teachers.
Lily, Adeline, Charlotte and Levi started their morning of sitting together and looking at Lily’s Ooshes she brought to school. The children were super excited about them and Lily did some nice sharing. Great sharing Lily!
When it was time for yoga only Harvey and Evelyn wanted to join today, they watched Alejandra and did the move, they also repeated the name of the moves of them in Spanish.
The kitchen area is always a hit and many children love to play pretend play, they use the dolls beds for themselves and some cook for the babies.
Playdough was also a hit today. Some of the children enjoyed time here moulding the dough to the shape they want. They manipulate many different tools to cut and roll the dough also.
Outside in the sun the children had time playing together. Edward and Harvey played hide and seek while Isaac, Saige and Georgia ha fun at the outdoor kitchen. They used leaves as dinner and made cakes also for each other.
Emily and Alexia are always together and they enjoyed time building with each other today.
At group time the children explored puppets with Helena, they sang songs like Old Mc Donald and many more.
Nelsons group read stories together.
After the group times, the children separated and some made something very special for a special person.
With Nelson the children had to use listen skills and take direction on how to complete the obstacle course. They jumped and crawled through the course and enjoyed it. Using their large and small muscles they completed the track.
Some of our friends enjoyed time with Helena’s books. They always enjoy the teachers books and are eager to read them.
With Rosanna, the children investigated the effect of water and flour, many of them noticed the stickiness of dough on their fingers. Rosanna then extended this by making the flour in to a dough. The children were excited to see this transformation, many of them couldn’t wait to explore the dough! The children made pretended pizza and bread.

What a fun first day of Spring we had at Aqua!


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