Happy first day of Spring! We did some lovely spring paintings with Tima in the yard. We talked about how more insects will start to come out. Tima put out a sand tray for us to look for the plastic bugs in.

We started learning about Van Gough. We read the book “Camille and the Sunflower” which is about the time that Vincent Van Gough painted “The Sunflowers.” We were excited to see Amanda brought in real sunflowers to look at today. We then were invited to draw our own version of the painting or the sunflowers.

During School Readiness, we played a guessing game with Amanda. She described animals and we had to guess which animal it was as well as what letter it started with.

We did beautiful crafts for Dad with both Sony and Gail. We loved painting stars with Sony and drawing pictures with Gail.

We loved looking at the flower Veronique brought in today. It was lovely to smell it and look at the pretty colours they had on it.

Dress ups were very popular today! We did some great dramatic play as we used the costumes.

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