It’s Monday! The start of another week and we are fast approaching Spring! The weather is lovely and the children are enjoying their time outside!

The children very much enjoyed their group time this morning! They love going through Cindy’s box of toys and singing so many different songs – it’s a great way to promote conversation and language!

Let’s start our week off right! The children had so much fun doing yoga this morning 😊 it’s a great way to encourage gross motor movements and a healthy lifestyle!

Today the children played with playdough! It’s so fun and sensory 😊 We worked on our fine motor skills by using bottle tops too! The children liked to press the bottle tops into the playdough but also enjoyed pressing the playdough into the bottle tops!

We’ve had a lovely day building towers with blocks, drawing and looking over the fence at the cheeky birds that come to visit!

See you tomorrow!

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