On this gloomy day, the Aqua children had a busy morning. They started their day off by stretching and posing for some of their favourite yoga poses with Alejandra. When there was a break from the rain, some children painted the table with paint brush and rain drops. While some children were busy painting the table, others said they were going to shopping at Coles, and as the result, the educator created the ‘AQUA SHOP’ for the children to do their pretend shopping. They were engaged in pretend shopping and working at the cashier, children like Lily and Adeline took interest in the pretend money that was in the cash register. The little Aqua shopper had so much fun shopping at the store! The Aqua explorer also made a bus with chairs, they were excited to sit on the chair and sang wheels on the bus. Pretend experiences such as these provided opportunities for children to facilitate their cognitive, language and social skills.

Just before learning centre time, the children were engaged in two group times. With Liza, they revisited the days of the week through singing the days of the week song. Liza also read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Superbear?’. And Liza  read Elaria’s book from home ‘The Grufflo’s child’.  At the music corner with Helena, another read listened to ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ with Helena, after that, the children visited the letter ‘U’ as it is the letter of the week. They also read a book about unicorn as part of the letter of the week. Lily also brought in an ultimate frisbee for the letter ‘U’. Literacy group such as these provided opportunities for children to practice their language and cognitive skills.

During learning centre time, the children made umbrella as an extension to the letter of the week ‘U’.  With different collage materials and glue. The children expressed their creativity on the umbrellas. With Alejandra, the children practice their letter recognition  by tracing the letter U with various collage materials. With Liza, the children continued to make ambulance as part of their interest in emergency vehicles. At the block corner, a small group of explorers read a book about ocean pollution with student teacher Saki. As an extension to the story, the children were introduced to the effect of rubbish in the ocean and they practiced putting the ‘rubbish’ into the bin. With Nelson, the children practiced their cognitive skills by putting puzzles together.

The Aqua explorers had such a fun day despite the weather!


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