It’s Tuesday today! We’ve had such a lovely day with so many fun activities to keep us busy 😊

The children enjoyed their group times with Bernice and Thomas this morning. We love to welcome everyone to the day, talk about the weather and read all of our books and sing lots of songs! This is always such a fun way to encourage language and communication.

Yoga! One of our favourite activities – perfect for promoting a healthy lifestyle and exercising our gross motor skills. The children used their listening skills to follow instructions and loved moving their bodies, practicing their animal poses!

We kept our shoes and socks off to participate in a fun activity! Today we drew around our feet to find out who had the biggest feet! Then we tried to match up our feet with the outlines we had drawn! What a fun way to think about size 😊

Today was another lovely day! We spent our time outside enjoying the weather! We even made a big hole in the sandpit and filled it with water!!

Happy Birthday Remi! Today we celebrated Remi’s birthday at afternoon tea. We sang Happy Birthday and watched Remi blow out her candle! Thank you for sharing your day (and your cupcakes) with us 😊

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