We enjoyed a new gross motor game with Amanda, “Dancing Hoops.” We had to hop to each hoop and when the music stopped if we were in the designated hoop from the beginning of round, we would have to do the move such as the chicken dance, star jumps, side hops, etc. We were full of giggles throughout the game!

Sony invited us to make some very colourful butterflies. We used our cutting skills to cut out the shapes of the butterfly and then decorated them with all the different paint options available to us.

With Gail, we had several options to chose from such as puzzles, a matching game, and using the cars and airplanes on the table that had a city set up. We also were invited to make our own mountain and water scene using different coloured paper.

We set up a train in the sandpit today,  loved doing some gardening in the yard, and playing on the obstacle course.

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