Happy Monday! Welcome back to the beginning of a brand-new week. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and the children are full of energy!

We loved sitting down for our group time this morning! The children talked about their weekends with mummy and daddy and what they got up to 😊 What a lovely way to start our day and encourage speech and language!

Our yoga session was so much fun! We moved our bodies and stretched them ready for the day. Everyone enjoys taking part in yoga and exercising their gross motor skills.

The children helped Robyn to sort her dinosaurs into size. The children had fun sorting the dinosaurs into ‘big’ and ‘small’ circles!

We painted some fabulous spring flowers with vibrant red paint and used our fine motor skills to control the cotton tips on the paper!

We used play dough and number cards to practice our counting! What a fun and hands-on approach to early mathematics 😊

The children have had a wonderful day dancing together and learning how to hula-hoop!

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