Wednesday is here! The weather is wonderful and we’ve had another lovely day!

We started off our morning with group time! The children love to delve into each teacher’s treasure bag to see what they can find. Each teacher has a great selection of books, toys and games that the children love to participate in when they sit down for group time 😊

Yoga time! What helpful little monkeys we have in the Emerald room – today we helped each other take our shoes and socks off for yoga … and then put them back on again when we had finished! We stretched our bodies to make fun animal poses and had so much fun!

We love flowers! We love to talk about the colours, touch and feel them gently and smell them too! But we also enjoyed painting today with flowers and leaves 😊

The children had the most fun getting super messy with the shaving foam! The foam is a fantastic tool to use for engaging the children in sensory play – we felt it between our fingers … and all over our faces!

Spring is here! Today the children used the roller to paint buzzy bees and then stick on their black stripes.

My goodness! What a fun day 😊

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