The children have had a fun filled day. They have been staying quiet safe and keeping sunscreen on and their hats. We will have new pockets with the children’s faces on them, where they will place their hat inside daily. This will hopefully help to not misplace them.

This morning we had some very little victors, Leonardo’s little brother MoMo,  joined us for a little few minutes and explored some paper with Leo. We were also very lucky and got a visit from James little brother Sammie. The boy’s where so proud to show off their little brothers.

Outside there was lots of fun happening, the children used yellow and green to make a daffodil, using their fine motor skills.

Water play was a big hit today as it was a great way for the children to cool down in this hot weather. They washed the dolls and cleaned all the soap of them. Water play is both enjoyable and educational, it helps develop hand and eye coordination as well as math and science concepts as they fill and empty the cups. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation.

Inside the children joined Alejandra on the mat for some yoga. Some of the children played at the kitchen area with Teacher Liza.

Evan tried to chop with the scissors, while Evelyn, Georgia Hope and Sara explored dolls and the bags. They said they were shopping.

At learning centre time some children used motor control to put elastic bands around the toilet rolls, Jack and Luca made their chic and roses with Donna. With Bambi the children made some flowers for the spring garden.

What a fun day we had today.

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