We continued learning about birds today with both Tim and Sony. We had a turn at writing flock of birds on the white board. We also had a chance to make our own favourite birds out of craft.

Gail also had some lovely little birds that we could build a nest for. It was a lot of fun to use the little nests for their homes. We also made our own leaves and put some eggs on them to show the beginning stages of a caterpillar! We counted all our eggs too!

We continued learning about Picasso today with Amanda. The Potato Heads we said made us think of the Picasso pictures as we could put different parts all over the potato head. We also made some fun orange Playdough that we used to write our names. We also made a colourful garden in the yard with the leaves we found in the yard.

We enjoyed being in the sunshine in the yard. We loved playing in the sand tray with the bits of gravel and the trucks.

We also want to wish Ella a Happy Birthday! Thank you for bringing a delicious cake for sharing too!

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