Happy Friday!

Today we had a lot of fun with teachers and friends!

This morning we started the day with group time. Ekta and Thomas read stories with the older children and we could see they were concentrating very hard and showed very good listening! In the other yard, Cindy and Bernice did group time with the younger children and they had a joyful time with toys and nursery rhymes!

We did yoga with Ekta this morning, we moved our bodies to become a butterfly, lion and big tree etc., our physical wellbeing is promoting day to day, look at our muscles!

At the cutting table, Alegria, Harry, Teresia, Billie, Tilly, Molly and Iris tried to manipulate the scissors and cut the paper, this is a small challenge for them and they did it! Cutting can develop children’s fine-motor skills and problem solving skills.

Emerald children love to take care of the natural environment, especially watering the plants.

In our free play time, we set up the play dough table, ball games, sand pit play, drawing, blocks and physical play. The children had opportunities to make their own choices and engage in different learning experiences.

Today we celebrated Isla and Molly’s 2nd birthday! They picked their favourite coloured candles and had a birthday party with friends. Hip-hip hooray!

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