The children started this beautiful day with lots of different activities. Each morning, we like to invite children to dance, do some free play and explore our nursery room.

During learning centre time, the children started with group times; story group time with Belma and Rita as well as music group time with Cindy. They also participated in various sensory experiences such as sand pit and play dough.

We also practised children gross motor skills with parachute and balls. It is very important to introduce plastic scissors at early age as they need to exercise their small muscles.

The children were also invited to do yoga with Rita. They love doing different poses.

As today was beautiful and warm day we decided to do lots of water play. Children could not stop giggle whilst were jumping in a paddle of water.

Here in nursery we love music, so every free time we use to play with the instruments and sing some songs.

We had so much fun today, full of laughs and giggles.  😊

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