Wednesday is here! We’ve had a busy day and the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves 😊

This morning, during group time, Robyn introduced the children to her new bear ‘Firey Ted’! Ted is a firefighter with a uniform and a hat! He has a fire engine and saves people from fires! The children loved listening to a book all about fire engines too!

Yoga was a great way to exercise our bodies and burn off some energy! We stretched our bodies up high and practiced our jumping skills too.

The children loved using glue sticks to decorate their fire engines with red tissue paper and they loved giving ‘Firey Ted’ a cuddle!

We practiced counting with our number mats and the play dough! Such a fun and tactile way to encourage mathematics!

The children had a great time playing their musical instruments as they followed the Bonker’s Beat program.

Just another lovely day in the Emerald room 😊

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