We learnt about another abstract artist today, Michael Adamson. We used acrylic paint and cardboard to make our pictures today! We also enjoyed playing Uno during school readiness today. We showed resilience when we weren’t one of the winners, (Rasmus or Harvey) and great turn taking skills as well.

We continued learning about birds with Tima and Sony. We loved making birds crafts today!

We also used our strong gross motor skills as we played soccer in the yard. Again, we had great turn taking skills during this.

Today, we turned our square pictures into 3D art with Arturo. We glued the parts together to make a box!

We want to wish a very special goodbye to Sanjanaa and Anika today! We will miss you and hope you come back to visit us again soon!

We also enjoyed our time in the sandpit, in the yard, and being engaged in Gail’s activities on the deck!

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