Happy Friday! We have had such a lovely day 😊

We had some wonderful group times throughout the day. The children enjoyed reading with Robyn, MeiTing and Ekta and they always enjoy group time with Jasmine!! Group time is a fantastic way to encourage speech and language and we love to hear the children’s voices!

We did yoga with Jasmine this morning and the children were excited! We showed off our jumps and animal poses.

The children loved to participate in lots of fine motor activities today! We used tongs to pick up cotton balls and we used spoons to scoop up ping-pong balls! These fun activities are great for building up muscles in our little fingers 😊

Today we played with bubbles, did a group drawing on cardboard and had a fantastic time exploring the outdoor environments together!

What a lovely way to end the week! Have a great weekend, see you next week!

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