Happy Monday everyone! On this beautiful morning, the Aqua Explorers were busy with different activities around the room. Some of them were busy pretending to be fireman, they love dressing up and putting out fire around the yard. Meanwhile, other children like Henry and Charles were busy constructing buildings with different blocks. The explorers also enjoyed running their vehicles around the sandpit. Experiences such as these provide opportunities for children to facilitate their cognitive, language and social skills.

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were invited to three group times. The explorers revisited animals and colours in Spanish. With Helena, the children revisited days of the week song as talking about the weather. They especially enjoyed singing with puppets! With Liza, the explorers sang some of their favourite songs and read some of their favourite stories such as ‘the superhero bear’. Literacy group time such as these provided opportunities to extend on their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to practice their fine motor skills with Sandra through cutting and pasting. Meanwhile, the children extended on their dental knowledge with Katherine by talking about dental hygiene and making toothbrush. In Alejandra’s group, the children continued to practice their number recognition skills by matching numbers onto their caterpillar. Outside with Helena, the explorers practiced their cognitive, language and social skills by playing ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’. The children had so much fun counting their step and running away from the wolf on dinner time.

The Aqua explorers had so much fun today!

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