Welcome back! It’s Monday and we are ready for another exciting week in the Emerald room.

During our group time, we chatted about our weekends and what we had got up to! We read stories and sang songs too. It’s so much fun to have these conversations with the children and hear their little voices.

Yoga is a lovely time of the morning where the children are able to stretch and exercise their bodies! We focus on animal poses that allow the children to move their bodies and enhance gross motor movement. Well done everyone 😊

The children had a lovely time working on their fine motor skills with Jasmine by posting Popsicle sticks through holes in old formula tins! We love this game … it helps us with problem solving too!

We made some gorgeous paintings with toy cars. The children had so much fun watching the wheels go round and seeing what pattern they made on the paper.

The children enjoyed their day outside today. They explored the sandpit with the animals, read books together and drew pictures using the easels 😊 What a marvellous Monday!

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