In 59, we were very creative in our outdoor play. We pretended to be witches, then animals, then ninjas. It was great to listen to everyone share their ideas on how to improve play. We also continued on with our Monet themed paintings.

Gail invited us to get creative with making hungry caterpillars after listening to the story “The Hungry Caterpillar.” We also liked putting the story in order with the picture cards. We made flower patterns using her gems. Lastly, we did some experimenting with the droppers and coloured water. The “bee” went around drinking from the flowers to share the pollen.

Sony continued to teach us about Kandinsky. We have really loved making these bright and colourful paintings.

We continued our insect art with Rosanna today as well enjoying time in the yard and sandpit.

Ms. Cheryl came as well and we always enjoy listening to her music and grooving to the beat.

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