Wednesday is here! This week is flying by we’ve been having so much fun 😊

This morning, the children enjoyed their group time with Jasmine! They love to see what’s in her magical bag of tricks and are engaged when participating in songs and games.

Yoga today was led by Ekta! The children had so much fun stretching their bodies and touching their toes! Today the children were especially helpful when collecting and packing away their yoga mats. This is such a fun way to encourage movement and enhance physical development.

The children have really been enjoying looking at and learning about birds this Spring! Today the children painted a gorgeous little ‘Fairy Wren’, native to Australia and a fantastic electric blue colour! We had so much fun painting with cotton buds and sticking tissue paper on too!

Today we really enjoyed participating in a big group gluing and sticking project! Everyone helped to cover the cardboard in glue and decorate with coloured paper!

It’s been a wonderful Wednesday playing together! We have read books, played with play dough and fed Marshmallow a sneaky snack! 😊

Happy Birthday Sophia! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us 🙂 We had so much fun singing Happy Birthday and watching you blow out your candle!

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