It’s Thursday and it’s October! The weather has been beautiful and we’ve enjoyed our time outside today 😊

Today during group time with Ekta, the children loved to listen to the ‘5 Little Ducks’ song. They join in with the actions and sing along too. They didn’t want the song to end! The children are getting to know lots of nursery rhymes and we love to hear them singing along!

We’ve been learning about Firefighters, fire engines and fire recently, so during yoga today Robyn wanted to teach the children ‘stop, drop and roll’! With the help of ‘Firie Ted’ the children followed his instructions and practiced their stopping, dropping and rolling! Well done everyone 😊

We continued with fire finger painting today! The children love to get messy and feel the paint in their hands.

Today we decorated another bird! The children have really been enjoying learning about birds this Spring. The children used their fine motor skills to glue and stick paper onto their birds!

The children had a lovely day playing outside! We’ve made lanterns, built with the waffle blocks and enjoyed water play in the heat!

Today we celebrated Maya’s birthday! At afternoon tea we shared delicious cupcakes, sang Happy Birthday to Maya and watched her blow out her candle!! Yay 😊

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