What a beautiful sunny day today to start our bank holiday week. We wish all our Aqua families a fun filled one.
To start the morning Adeline, Lily, Charlotte, Annabel and Alice helped Donna prepare her activity for the day. They made mud paint by mixing mud, water, washing up liquid and food colouring together. They really enjoyed helping.
Inside Isla and Alice enjoyed completing the puzzles.
Outside Celina and Amelia enjoyed time together as they having being forming a friendship the past few weeks. They explored the farm animals, put them to bed and closed their roof so the sun couldn’t burn them they said.
Outside it was full of wonder today, the children really enjoyed the tree area as it was set up like a tent and inside they sat and read some books, although Leonardo and Isaac just sat like little old men chatting with each other.
The puppets were also set out to explore and Nicolas, Isla and Henry really enjoyed this area.
At group times the children are really building their concentration skills and can sit for a half hour and listen to stories, join in on songs.
Learning centre time the children enjoyed the mud paint with Donna.
With Katherine they designed their own toothbrush as the continue to learn the importance of brushing their teeth and self-hygiene.
With Bambi they made caterpillars and explored the shape of his body the circle.
The children also matched shapes to the right spot and Annabel the clever lady named the shape for us.

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend!!


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