Happy Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend! We had so much fun talking to the children about what they got up to and sharing our stories!

Group time is a great way to engage the children in conversations with adults and with their peers.

Time for yoga! After a long weekend the children were excited to dust off the cobwebs and stretch their bodies. We got stuck in with some animal poses that the children love, like snake and downward dog!

The children loved painting with the roller today! We made lovely seahorses 😊 it’s fun to explore all the different fish and animals that live in the sea!

We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick and paint in our free time, but also built sandcastles in the sand pit and danced together too!

Today we celebrated Ryan’s birthday! He is 1 today and we shared delicious cupcakes, sang happy birthday and watched him blow out his candle with his big sister Claire 🙂

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